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WTeService v3.0 Update


For years our customers have relied on WTeService to monitor and manage the performance of their boiler, cooling and other water systems. In our continued effort to make WTeService a more valuable tool, we will be releasing the newest version of WTeService on October 30th. This update will include many new features and updates.


New User Interface

The user interface and site navigation has been completely redesigned. Highlights of the new design include:

Category Tabs - All features are divided into different category tabs.

Customer Location Selection - Options are now on a single list and have smart search capabilities

System Dashboard - All features are now consolidated on a single dashboard.

Home Page Tab - Each site can utilize a customizable home page tab which is visible to all users

Auto Selection - Customer navigation auto selection now works for all user roles, including system administrators

Feature Consolidation - Reduced overall button count by over 20% and moved admin features from the Admin section to the system dashboard.





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