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Virtual Service Visits

It is ideal when we can be on site to discuss the overall health of your water treatment program. However, there are times when this may not be possible due to timing, plant restrictions or other barriers. At times like this Watertech can provide virtual service visits to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Watertech’s process controls, automation solutions, and data management application – WTeService, combine hardware and software to monitor changes and store data that can be accessed using any device with an internet connection. 

We've got you covered, even when we're not there.

WTeService is provided to Watertech customers as part of our system management programs. This application allows for 24/7 access to your systems data, providing the opportunity to review your system from anywhere, at any time.

Our smart control systems communicate with WTeService performing regular data dumps of important information like conductivity, pH, ORP, PTSA and chemical levels. In many cases, customers are also using WTeService to log their own test data on a daily or weekly basis.  

The Virtual Visit Advantage

With all that data available, during periods where we are unable to be onsite and run system tests, we can leverage this information for analysis, critical system checks, and overall health assessments of your system. Your Watertech consultant can review system trends, history, and components prior to scheduling a "virtual" service visit. 



Click the image above to review the full report.


Click the image above to review the full report.

How can we be of "virtual' service to you?

A “virtual” service visit allows our consultants to share information from these reports and discuss any necessary actions that should be taken. All this can be done without stepping foot into your facility. When traditional service is not an option, we've still got you covered. 

For a complete review of your systems performance, reach out to your Watertech consultant to set up a traditional or virtual service visit. We've got you covered!