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WTA43 Series Softeners


  • 270 gpm peak flow 
  • Capacities to 1,200,000 grains per tank 
  • Piping systems from 1'' to 3'' 
  • Available in up to six units in multiple configurations 
  • Up to 48'' tank sizes

Water softeners are a critical asset in many commercial and industrial water treatment programs. When not designed or operating properly, they can have significant impact on the performance of these programs and lead to increased energy, chemical, water and operational costs. Watertech’s  WTA43 line of softeners have been designed to meet the unique demands of boiler, cooling and other commercial and industrial applications. They come with support from our staff of industry experts and will be configured and tested to ensure they meet the requirements of each application. When combined with our onsite startup and maintenance programs, they will protect your facility from the harmful impacts of hard water.

These state-of-the-art systems with their advanced electronics can be incorporated in a multitude of configurations. Single through six unit configurations are available from the same electronic platform. The WTA43 is designed for complex uses, yet easy to operate and maintain. It’s “plug and play” accessories make the WTA43 a simple choice for the toughest job. No hard water bypass, separate source regeneration, and brine reclaim is all made easy. Robustly constructed, the fully assembled “stack” and piston design allows for years of reliable operation.


When combined with IQ2 electronics, the system controller operates up to six units. The system diagnostics include real-time 90-day water usage, peak flow rate, totalizer, and much more. This information is downloadable to a USB drive or viewable as live information with an Ethernet connection.With its battery backup, processor, and enclosure, information is held safe and secure. The controller’s display indicates a multitude of information at first glance including LED status indicators for online,standby, and regeneration modes.



Each individual controller features IQ2 technology, which includes history and diagnostic information. WTA43 controllers are capable of “plug and play” technology, which incorporates no hard water bypass and separate source regeneration.The 1'' and 1.25'' control valves are manufactured from Noryl® and offer extremely high flow rate characteristics. The 1.5'' through 3'' controllers feature solid lead-free brass construction and stainless steel meters. All WTA43 systems feature one piece cartridge and piston design for ease of service.



Typical triplex system with 1½'', 2'', and 3'' plumbing. Call for engineered drawings of individual system(s). The WTA43 Series is available in up to six configurations. 

Note: This product is not certified as a microbiological purifier and should not be applied as a stand-alone disinfection solution for microbiologically unsafe water.


  • Up to six metered units in multiple configurations
  • Top-mounted valves for ease of use
  • Full adjustable cycling of regeneration
        - Alternate Cycle Sequencing (patented)
        - Water Efficient Technology (WET)
  • High-capacity virgin polystyrene resin
  • Corrosion-resistant mineral tanks made from fiberglass-reinforced polyester
  • IQ2 technology
  • Highly functional diagnostics
  • NSF®-certified components


  • Progressive flow
  • Headers and skid mounting
  • Separate source regeneration
  • ASME tanks (18'' and larger)
  • Salt reclaim systems
  • System controller


  • Assisted Nursing Facilities 
  • Boiler Feeds
  • Casinos
  • Commercial Office Buildings 
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing
  • Reverse Osmosis Feed 
  • Schools & Universities