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We’re not just on your side, we’re in your corner—literally.

Watertech’s 24/7 online service is your one-stop water management tool for recording, tracking, trending, and reporting all automated data from our smart water treatment systems as well as manual data collected.

Think of our eController as a Watertech expert in your facility 365 days a year.

Automated data is collected through an equipment-monitoring device mounted in your facility called an eController or our new "intuition!"—our eyes and ears when Watertech isn’t physically at your facility. It monitors all of the critical real-time conditions of your water treatment systems and is so intuitive, it instantly alerts us of conditions that may require immediate attention and a corrective action.

As champions of innovative water treatment, we leverage these tools to work with your staff and constantly monitor and interpret every facet of your water treatment system. The system serves as a daily guide and watch guard that:

  • Stores all historical data, inspection reports, tests, and product information
  • Generates graphs, searches, summaries, and more
  • Sends automated alerts to both you and Watertech when levels are out of range

Our web-based, user-friendly data collection and management tool allows us to respond to your water system needs like we’re in your facility 24/7, allowing you to focus on what you do best every day. 


 Online Reporting

The online reporting section of WTeService is where entering and tracking all of the process data for your utility systems is done.  This includes water testing, water usage, and chemical usage.  These reports can be configured specifically for your facility.  Each parameter that is tested has control limits that, when exceeded, can send email alerts to the necessary people.  Click the image for a larger view of a service report example.

The advantage of this type of report is that it allows you to quickly identify parameters that are outside of their control ranges. All historical reports are stored on your WTeService site and can be easily accessed from any computer with an internet connection.  In addition, any report can be saved as a PDF document. 
 System History Report

Our system history reports combine the results of all of your water tests and provide you with a snapshot of your system performance.  From one report you can see where your system is performing well and where it needs improvement. An excessive number of out of range results can indicate a problem with the system, control equipment or even an operator running a test incorrectly.  This report allows you to easily identify areas that need improvement.  Try doing that with paper log sheets. 
 Inventory Summary Report

Understanding your water and chemical usage is critical to ensuring that your systems operate efficiently.  The Inventory Summary capability of WTeService allows you to track the water and chemical usage for all of your systems. The inventory can be managed either by manual entry of inventory levels or automatic entry via our eControllers. 

In addition, WTeService allows you to enter maximum daily usage volumes for both water and chemical usage. Excessive water and chemical usage are often an indication of system problems. These situations can lead to larger problems and additional costs related to water usage.  WTeService can email alarms to you and your operators in these instances so that corrective action can be taken. 

 System Trend Reports

Often when analyzing system performance it is useful to trend process data over time and compare multiple parameters to each other.  The trend reporting capability of WTeService allows you to create charts of any of your process data for specific periods of time.  Data can be trended for manually entered data from water testing or can be generated based on data gathered from aneController.  This allows you and your operators to see the relationship between different parameters and better understand your systems.Trend charts are also invaluable when trying to troubleshoot a system that is not performing properly. Any data that is displayed in a trend chart is easily exported to a spreadsheet where additional analysis can be done.

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