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Steam Trap Testing

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Failed steam traps are not always obvious and can result in considerable energy loss. Identifying steam traps that need repair or replacement saves money. The chart below outlines steam leak costs by size.

 Cost of Various Sized Steam Leaks at 100 psi
(assuming steam cost $5/1,000 pounds of steam)
Size of
Orifice (in.)
 Lbs. Steam
Wasted Per Month
Total Cost
Per Month 
 Total Cost
Per Year
 1/2" 835,000   $4,175 $50,100 
 7/16"  637,000  $3,185  $38,220
 3/8"  470,000  $2,350  $28,200
5/16"   325,000  $1,625  $19,500
 1/4"  210,000  $1,050  $12,600
 3/16"  117,000  $585 $7,020 
 1/8" 52,500   $263  $3,150


Steam traps affect boiler plant efficiency. Watertech provides regular inspection, testing and repair of steam traps to help you save money. 

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Please reach out with questions about your system or request a site survey to ensure your steam traps are working properly.

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