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Potable Water Treatment

No single disinfection technology works for every domestic water system. Don’t let companies that push one product fool you. 

Many factors influence the efficacy of a disinfection technology:

  • hot vs cold application
  • pH
  • turbidity/dissolved solids
  • changes in incoming water pressure 

Watertech of America, Inc. evaluates your systems, pathogen test results, and budget to help identify the best technology for your domestic water system.

Because of the staggering data evaluating chlorine’s inability to penetrate biofilm at allowable EPA regulated concentrations, inability to maintain residuals in hot water distributions due to volatility, and impact on piping corrosion rates, we recommend the use of other technologies outlined below. 

Those relying solely on free chlorine residual from the municipality as their primary disinfectant and those on private wells without any oxidant residual, should investigate supplemental disinfection. 

For more information on choosing the right disinfection technology see CHOOSING THE BEST BIOCIDE FOR YOUR APPLICATION

Below are our disinfection recommendations based on scientific evidence to aid in infection control:

Watertech has over 35 years of experience working with healthcare and other facilities to provide Water Management Plans and solutions that prioritize health, safety and efficiency – ensuring that your potable water systems are free of waterborne pathogens. 

Potable water treatment programs 

Services Equipment
Water Management Plans
Point-of-Use Infection Control Filters

Waterborne Pathogen Testing
Sanikill Monochloramine
Dioxide Pacific Chlorine Dioxide Generator
Potable Water Treatment
Liquid Chlorine & Chlorine Dioxide Feed System

Emergency Disinfection Chlorination
Saniware VA Directive 1060 Water Monitoring Panel

Continuous Potable Water Treatment
Legionella Remediation Services    


CDC VitalSigns


ASHRAE 188-2015