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Healthcare Water Treatment Solutions  

Is your water system healthy? 

Patient safety is our number one priority. In water treatment this means ensuring your potable water systems are free of waterborne pathogens while operating efficiently.

Healthcare facilities continue to face increased regulations, centered around public safety. The cost of compliance can be challenging. Our goal is to find ways to reduce operating costs, save time and energy and meet strict regulatory requirements and standards.

Watertech has over 35 years of experience working with healthcare facilities to provide solutions that prioritize health, safety and efficiency. 


Watertech Solutions & Services

Water Management Plans
Watertech will help assist your facility to execute an ASHRAE 188-2015 compliant Water Management Plan to identify high risk areas and offer solutions for Legionella prevention.  

Secondary Disinfection 
Watertech offers installation, maintenance, and service on chlorine dioxide generators, Monochloramine generators, and chlorine monitoring and feed devices for hot and cold domestic water systems. Let us survey your facility to identify which technology fits your treatment needs and budget.

Point-of-use Filtration 
Watertech offers a complete line of Nephros FDA cleared filters to aid in infection control for use on ice machines, sinks, shower heads and drinking fountains. This extensive line of point-of-use and in-line filters have the ability to remove bacteria, viruses, and endotoxin from the water limiting exposure to harmful microorganisms.  

Boiler & Cooling Chemistry
Our business is centered around the implementation and application of chemistries in boiler and cooling tower systems. Our focus is to optimize your equipment’s efficiency by taking full advantage of our automation capabilities and extensive chemical inventory. 

Freedom Plus 
Our unique delivery and chemical management program allows for customers to go completely hands-free in the handling of potentially dangerous chemicals. No more chemical handling, drum maneuvering, or tank disposal is necessary. Let us handle it for you.

Watertech U 
Attend our free industry related seminars and boot camps to further your water management knowledge. Our topics range from water testing and corrective actions to ways to be more sustainable and energy conscious. Content is strictly educational and frequently contains local contractors and industry professionals as guest speakers. 

Watertech is a resource for all of your water related needs. 

Please reach out with questions about your system or request a site survey.

Each facility is unique. The best way to address your needs is by conducting a site visit. Please click the link below, fill out the form and one of our Technical Engineers will be in touch.