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Evapco Partnership
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Watertech is pleased to announce their partnership with EVAPCO®, an international industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high quality heat transfer products for the HVAC and Industrial Refrigeration markets.

Our Watertech professionals are able to provide water treatment products and services for customers who own or purchase EVAPCO® cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, or evaporative condensers. We are Factory Trained to provide on-going service for EVAPCO's Pulse-Pure® and Smart Shield™ water treatment systems.  

EVAPCO Smart Shield™ is an innovative solid chemistry treatment system specifically engineered for Closed Circuit Coolers and Evaporative Condensers.

  • Designed to ship Factory Mounted on new coolers or condensers
  • Simplifies new equipment startup and on-going treatment with a patented self-draining design 
  • Available for retrofit on existing EVAPCO® equipment 
  • Revolutionary delivery of proven chemistry 
  • Delivers solid corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Microorganisms are controlled via non-toxic inhibitors with oxidizing biocide

EVAPCO Pulse-Pure® is a non-chemical water treatment system that can be utilized for all brands of evaporative cooling equipment

  • Chemical-free water treatment with no harmful by-products 
  • Designed to ship Factory Mounted on new coolers or condensers 
  • Available for field installation on all existing evaporative cooling towers
  • Patented system includes startup and a one year Watertech monitoring program

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