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Are You Ready for Cooling Layup / Boiler Startup?
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The wind has picked up, the leaves have begun to change, it is time to prep for the inevitable cold spell that will soon follow. Now is the time to perform seasonal maintenance on your boiler and cooling systems and get them ready for winter.  
Preventive maintenance is key to saving time and money
Being proactive and thorough in your approach to maintenance definitely saves time and money in the long run. Below we will offer links to procedures and checklists you can print out to help successfully protect and prepare your systems for winter. 
Cooling Layup: What steps should I follow to protect my system?
During the cooling season your tower is protected by your water treatment program. However, when your system is offline it is even more important to make sure it is protected from corrosion and microbiological growth.  
Following a few proactive steps to prepare your cooling system for the winter months will help prolong the life of your equipment and improve operational, production and utility costs. Watertech has put together a file you can download to ensure all parts of your system are addressed.  

Boiler Startup: What steps should I follow to prepare my system?
Now is a great time to review the steps you will need to take to start up a boiler after a layup. Our list is intended to be a guide and does not replace your operating manual.   
Taking the time to be thorough during startup can help prevent corrosion and improve heat transfer – saving water, energy and chemical costs. To help ensure that you cover all the steps we have put together a checklist that you can download. 
Your Watertech representative is a great resource for help with seasonal startups and layups. They have the experience to help make sure your systems are protected and ready to run efficiently throughout the season. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions, 414-425-3339.