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Cooling Tower and Evaporative Condenser Treatment

What is it and why is it important?

There are a few things to consider when developing an effective cooling tower and evaporative condenser treatment program. A good place to start is by following standard operating practices. This is an essential step in keeping cooling tower free from contaminants and working at peak efficiency. Next, not all systems are the same. Some systems may require a customized chemical treatment program that specifically targets the type of mineral scale and deposits observed in the cooling towers. It is also very important to treat for microbiological fouling with oxidized and non-oxidized biocides because cooling towers provide an excellent environment for bacteria and algae to thrive in. If left untreated these microorganisms will create sludge that can clog a system, at which point may require costly maintenance to clean and in extreme cases equipment replacement. The last step in treating evaporative cooling towers is side stream filtration.