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2016-2017 Watertech of America Scholarships

2016-2017 Watertech of America Scholarships

2016-2017 Watertech of America Scholarships
Watertech is pleased to announce the 2016-2017 Watertech of America Scholarships in Memory of Eugene VandenHeuvel are being awarded to the following UW-Milwaukee students: Patrick Siwula, Antonio Garcia, and Jason Tutowski. 

Patrick Siwula is currently a lab assistant for Dr. Sandra McLellan at the School of Freshwater Sciences focusing on water quality monitoring. He also serves as President of the Student Water Council and recently presented research at the International Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) conference, which he conducted in Laguna Bacalar, Mexico. 

Antonio Garcia recently returned from an environmental engineering internship in Bolivia with Fundacion SODIS where he worked to address drinking water issues in rural Bolivia from an engineering and public education standpoint. He will be presenting this work, as well as information about U.S. drinking water and sanitation systems, to high school students at Milwaukee’s Escuela Verda, through a semester-long program. 

 Jason Tutowski serves as Vice President for the Student Water Council and works as a water quality monitoring intern for Milwaukee Riverkeeper. 

The Watertech of America Scholarship was founded in memory of Eugene "Gene" VandenHeuvel who founded Watertech in 1980. The primary purpose of these funds is to provide scholarship, fellowship, and research support for students enrolled in the School of Freshwater Sciences at UW-Milwaukee.  

Established in 2009, The UW-M School of FreshwaterSciences (SFS) is the first graduate school in the nation dedicated solely to the study of freshwater. 


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