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Legionella Control

What is Legionnaires' Disease?

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially life threatening form of pneumonia that is contracted by coming into contact with water contaminated with Legionella. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that between 8,000 and 18,000 people are hospitalized with the disease in the United States each year. 

Where does Legionella form and grow? 

Legionella is a gram-negative bacterium that causes Legionellosis. It is found naturally in the environment, but amplified in the piping systems of facilities large and small. While warm water is often a breeding ground for the bacteria, some potential high-risk areas include: large plumbing systems, cooling towers, hot water tanks, decorative fountains, ice machines and humidifiers. Request a site survey by filling out the form below, to help identify these high-risk areas. 

How is Legionnaires’ Disease prevented? 


In most cases Legionnaires Disease is preventable if you establish and follow a site-specific Water Management Plan (WMP). The following recognizable institutions have identified Legionella and water safety as a high priority for healthcare facilities.    

  CDC recognizes Water Management Plans as a prevention measure 
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes WMP’s as a prevention measure. The CDC states cases have more than quadrupled in the last 15 years and that 1 in 10 cases are deadly. Download CDC VitalSigns to learn more. 

  What is the ASHRAE 188-2015 Standard? 
ASHRAE 188-2015 is the first standard in the United States outlining a strategy to reduce the risk of Legionella outbreaks by focusing on the implementation and execution of a successful Water Management Plan (WMP). A site-specific WMP, proper use of secondary disinfectants, correct water temperatures, point of use filtration, and other measures can help prevent almost all outbreaks of Legionnaire’s disease.

  The Public Health and Safety Organization  
NSF 444 seeks to provide a methodology for the systematic analysis of building water systems and the application of control measures necessary to prevent harm and to maintain public health.

4 Steps to a Water Management Plan 
An effective WMP will be a consistent and ongoing process of analysis and remediation. We can help you outline a plan for your facility: 

1. Form A Team: To manage and enforce your WMP
2. Analyze: Conduct a risk assessment and analysis
3. Test: Perform regular water treatment and Legionella testing
4. Correct: Remediate accordingly to correct issues 


Healthy Water Management Reduces Risk and Improves Safety
Watertech can help you outline a plan that ensures compliance! Watertech has worked with healthcare facilities over 35 years to help minimize risk and improve water safety for both patients and employees. At Watertech, our goal is to protect your bottom line while making water safety a top priority.

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