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Water Treatment Equipment

We’re not just supporting your purchasing team. We’re on it.

When the right chemical technology is not enough, we understand that the decision to invest in the right equipment can be both time-consuming and expensive. We share ownership of your new equipment purchases by evaluating your total system and making the best equipment recommendations for your application. WATERTECH then installs, automates, manages, monitors, and services it—all like it is operating under our watchful eyes at our own facility.

In fact, as champions of innovative water management, we’ve intuitively designed our systems to provide access to information and control processes as if we were onsite 24/7. The result? You spend less time reacting to disruptive water issues and more time up and running. 

Pure and simple? Your equipment solutions and operating responsibility are ours—way above and beyond installation— allowing you to focus on what you do best every day.


 Chemical Feed & Control Equipment
Controllers Chemical Feed Pumps Badger Water Meters

 Level Sensors Valves DIOX Water Hygiene

Boiler & Cooling Water Equipment 
 Reverse Osmosis System Water Softeners, Dealkalizers, Demineralizers


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Badger Meter and Watertech Press Release

Badger Meter and Watertech of America announce channel partner agreement.
Our client reduced chemical costs by $7,000. Why it’s a success

Cutting back on labor hours leads to greater costs in the long-run as improperly maintained systems become less efficient. Automated systems can provide industrial and commercial facilities with a reliable substitute.
4 Common Traits of a Superstar Facility

Four common traits that allow for a fully optimized, reliable, and cost-efficient industrial water management system.

Find inefficiencies in your water usage with Blue Vue technology!
Mastering Corrective Actions is Key to Keeping Your System Healthy

As a facility manager, you will be working alongside your water treatment specialist as they offer guidance and support. But, in order for your boiler and cooling systems to run at maximum efficiency long-term, it will be crucial for operators to know how to perform water tests and how to take corrective action if the results are out of range.
Controlling Denitrification

Using microbicides to effectively manage denitrification.
Top 3 Ways to Reduce Operating Costs in Cooling Systems

Cutting costs can be as simple as keeping your boilers and cooling towers well maintained, and free of scale and microbe build-up.
Loss of Nitrite in Closed Systems

Controlling corrosion with non-chromate inhibitors and how fluctuations in nitrite levels can challenge their effectiveness.