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Cooling Water Treatment
We’re watchdogs for your cooling water system.

Watertech knows an efficient-running cooling water system is about more than just preventing corrosion and scale formation. When you work with the champions of innovative water management, we share the burden of meeting regulatory compliance with you, as government and industry public health and safety regulations and restrictions continue to intensify.

We know your best defense is a good offense.

Did you know that because cooling water is the single largest volume of water used in your facility you can leverage many more cost-saving opportunities? Watertech's cooling water system treatment - including the ideal combination of inhibitors, micro biocides, and dispersants; recommended training and support; and automation - protects your public health and safety liability and saves you money by ensuring that your system is running at its peak efficiency. 

Seeing is believing: Being in compliance and saving money increases your bottom line. 

A smooth-running system has a positive impact on:

  • Protection against biofilms and pathogens that can lead to Legionnaire’s disease
  • Production time 
  • Equipment life
  • Water, chemical & energy usage   

Pure and simple? Our experts treat your system and respond to your boiler treatment needs like they’re our own, allowing you to focus on what you do best every day. 

Cooling water treatment programs

Chemicals    Equipment     Services  
    Pre-treatment equipment      Corrosion and deposit monitoring 
     Dispersants     Control and feed equipment      Free facility evalution
     Freedom Plus hands-free chemical delivery 
     Scale inhibitors
     Laboratory support services
     Corrosion inhibitors    
     Onsite analytical services 

     Layup programs

     Cooling tower and evaporative condenser treatment

       Closed loop treatments

Your TOTAL solution for water management is WATERTECH of America, Inc.

Laboratory support services
Laboratory support services
Laboratory support services
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