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Explore water system resources, case studies and products to maximize the efficiency of your heating, cooling or waste water system.
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What to Consider When Selecting the Right Biocide

Healthy Microbes Are Key to “Superstar” Wastewater Management

Boiler & Cooling Boot Camp Level I

Presentations Slides from our Boiler & Cooling Level I Boot Camp
Continuous Blowdown Method of Boiler Layup

The CDP or Continuous Blowdown method of boiler layup consists of piping continuous surface blowdown from the operating boiler to the bottom of the stand-by boiler.
How to Meet New Phosphorus Limits with Wastewater Management

Don’t be dissuaded by new regulations designed to reduce phosphorus in the Great Lakes Region watershed. Take a holistic wastewater management approach to meet discharge limits and keep you in regulatory compliance.
Two Methods to Boiler Blowdown

Did you know that there are different kinds of boiler blowdown?
Cooling System Preseason Checklist

The time invested in preparation for cooling system start-up can pay big dividends later in the season.
Watertech exhibitor at IL Conference on HAI's

Watertech exhibits at the IL Conference on Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)
Product Information
Developing a Water Management Program to Reduce Legionella Growth

Developing a Water Management Program to Reduce Legionella Growth & Spread in Buildings
Maintaining Cycles of Concentration

Your water treatment specialist can help you determine what the maximum number of cycles is for your system.
Steps to Bottom Blowing a Boiler

Preferred method of performing the bottom blowdown.
Adjusting your Feedwater Temperature

Increasing your feedwater temperature to above 180 degrees F will help reduce your chemical usage of oxygen scavenger, increase your efficiency and reduce thermal stress.
How to Make Cooling System Start-up a Breeze This Year

Tapping into water savings? Your first step is a site audit.

Cooling Tower Operation and Maintenance is the Key for Improved Energy Efficiency

Are you showing your cooling tower the TLC it needs to be running at its peak performance efficiently?
Measuring and Controlling Dissolved Solids

Your water treatment company can help you set surface blowdown conductivity control limits that maintain the dissolved solids in a safe, economical range.
Boiler Blowdown

Why blow down your boiler? What happens if solids build up in the boiler?
Cycles of Concentration in a Cooling Water System

Water treatment programs should maximize the frequency at which its water is cycled to prevent scaling.
6 Benefits of Employee Training & Development

The Cost (Savings) of Automation

Boiler Shutdown

If proper care is not taken during the shutdown stage, these solids can settle out in drums and tubes and dry to a hard, tightly held deposit that could require chemical or severe mechanical cleaning.
How a Surface Blowdown System Works

Take a look at how a typical surface blowdown system works.
Guide to Performing Boiler Blowdown

Today's blog will get into the actual process of boiler blowdowns
Efficient Summer Cooling Tower Operation

Hopefully you have been busy getting your cooling water systems ready for the demand of the coming months