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Protecting our community's water...
and your bottom line.

As advocates for innovative water management we simultaneously preserve the world's most precious resource while helping you spur business growth.
Watertech U hosts monthly training sessions on a wide range of topics. Check out our upcoming topics.

We are custodians for a “clean” wastewater system. 

When you choose Watertech, you’re not just investing in a vendor or a partner. We're 100% vested in helping you efficiently manage discharge from your facility to ensure compliance, keep you up and running, and ultimately protect the environment.

Explore our Capabilities


Water Strategies

Explore strategies to improve your facilities, tackle rising energy costs and leverage sustainability into competitive advantages.


Technical Resources

Explore water system resources, case studies and products to maximize the efficiency of your heating, cooling or waste water system.




Advocates for Innovative Water Management.


WATERTECH’s experts will treat your system and proactively respond to your needs like they’re our own—allowing you to focus on what you do best every day.


How do we do it? Staying power.

We provide big solutions and commitment with a smaller geographical focus, serving our neighbors in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and northern Illinois. Our innovative water treatment program boils down to creatively maintaining a more efficient system that uses less water, less chemicals, and, ultimately, less energy. We look at sustainability and redefine it as “practical environmentalism” to work for your business and the environment—not sacrificing one for the other.

We tap into the collective intelligence of our network of providers and suppliers on your behalf, and the majority of our sales engineers have received CWT Certification, the highest level of certification for water treatment specialists.


Champions of eye-opening complete water management.

WATERTECH customers who benefit from our complete water treatment program tell us they never realized how little they were getting from their previous provider. WATERTECH’s 30-year plus expertise is intimately intertwined with its chemical and equipment solutions, testing and monitoring, analysis and recommended corrective actions.


Getting started: How we bring more to your bottom line.

Here are the basic steps to get us off and running in the right direction:

• Industry review
• System KPIs & testing
• Site assessment & systems review • Training & safety recommendations
• System & transition recommendations  • Proactive monitoring
• Installation & start up • Efficiency reporting
• Systems audit  

WATERTECH’s dedication to practical solutions that spur business growth and simultaneously preserve the world’s most precious resource.




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